International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology

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The International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (IJEMST) is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal. The IJEMST is published quarterly in January, April, July and October.


The IJEMST welcomes any papers on math education, science education and educational technology using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social issues, psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, research in an educational context, book reviews, and review articles. The articles should be original, unpublished, and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the time of submission to the IJEMST.



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Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Issue:1

Table of Contents


Developing a useful and integrative STEM disciplinary language PDF
Robert M. Capraro, Luciana R. Barroso, Sandra Nite, Devyn Rice, Yvonna Lincoln, Jamaal Young, Jemimah Young
The Implementation of Integrated Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Instruction using Robotics in the Middle School Science Classroom. PDF
Celestin Ntemngwa, Steve Oliver
Role of visualization in mathematical abstraction: The case of congruence concept PDF
Rezan Yılmaz, Ziya Argün
An examination of a pre-service mathematics teacher's mental constructions of relationships in a right triangle PDF
Melike Yigit Koyunkaya
A video-based measure of preservice teachers’ abilities to predict elementary students’ scientific reasoning PDF
Valarie L. Akerson, Ingrid Carter, Meredith Park Rogers, Khemmawadee Pongsanon

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